This takes place between 3.30pm and 6.00pm on alternate Thursdays at Nuffield Health, Wolverhampton.

You will have a consultation with Mr Usman. If a mammogram or ultrasound scan is required, it will then take place in the X-Ray department and you will be seen again with the results in the same appointment.

If any biopsies are required, then most of the time they can take place on the same day. The results of the biopsies are then available the following week.

A specialist Breast Care Nurse is also available for patients who are diagnosed with cancer and for general counselling.

Please note that despite our best efforts all investigations may not take place at the same visit.

Insurance companies require a GP letter unless they have made the appointment for you directly. Please note that even if you are insured you are personally liable for any fees that are incurred.

These will usually be reimbursed by your insurance company but there may be a shortfall if you have an excess or co-payment agreement.

You will need to fill out a Registration Form before the consultation.This is in addition to the form for the hospital.

If you are paying for the consultation yourself then you will be fully liable for any fees incurred.

You will need to fill out a Registration Form before the consultation. This is in addition to the form for the hospital.

All professional fees for Mr Usman are paid to Apley Medical Ltd after receipt of an invoice. The invoice can be settled by BACS, online or by cheque.

Any fees that are generated as a result of investigations are typically paid to Nuffield Health directly.

Consultation fees are typically between £180 to £220 for a new consultation and £140 for a follow-up consultation. Fees for any investigations and procedures will be discussed on the day if you are a self-pay patient before they are carried out. You will have received most of this information from Nuffield Health by the time you come for your consultation.

If a procedure is carried out by Mr Usman then there will be a fee payable to Apley Medical and a separate fee will also be charged by Nuffield Health.